Estrad with Grand PianoBISON offers a wide assortment of music furniture and music equipment. Our quest is to always deliver the highest quality to all types of musicians, no matter if you are a violinist, cantor, percussionist, conductor or music school student.

Ergonomi, stability and flexibility is some of the key words for our product development. Naturally this applies both to the musician who utilise the product, as well as for caretakers, stage managers or roadies. In addition we also supply effective transport and storage solutions for our products.

 Our main product lines are:

  • Music stands of high quality, with easy adjustments for all instances.
  • Chairs for musicians and choirs in different models.
  • The stage system Estrad – podium, choir riser and full size stage in the same solution.
  • Accessoires such as trolleys and extra equipment such as lamps, shelves et c.

 Together with our subcontractors we manage to meet the most kinds of special requests. Our unique quality guarantee along with high service ratio will make you satisfied and content with our products.

All of our products are made in Sweden.


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